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can I get a price estimate?


I have a pricing list that can be used as a guide for estimating costs. The actual price of the job depends on the particular item design.

I can look at the pictures of the garment and give a rough estimate if you get in touch and leave me your contact details.

If I take your garments away and find out that the work involved is bigger than expected I will inform you of the new quote. I will only proceed with your approval.

is your pricing based on a garment value?


My pricing is based on the time and resources needed to complete the job to the best of my ability.

The work on high-quality and intricate clothing requires more time and skill.

Some garments are poorly made or come with unequal hems thus making my job more complex.


is there a minimum order for home consultation?

The minimum order for collection:
£50 in Queen's Park

£85 other North West London Areas


can I give you more items when you deliver clothes back to me?

To avoid any disappointment, please make sure you have all your garments ready for when I come to consult and collect them.

I will pick up more clothes only if this new order reaches my minimum requirements for the area. 

If I only took up a small job because you agreed to drop it off and collect it from me but later became unable to do so, I will charge extra for item pick-up or delivery.

what is your turn-around time?


Mending and alterations orders usually take 2-3 weeks

Made-to-measure orders take 1-2 months


do you work with all materials?


I mainly work with light to mid-weight fabrics. Knitwear, leather, denim, other heavy-duty or embroidered fabrics need special finishing and extra care, so I am not always able to accept to do the mending or alterations job in these materials.


should I wash my clothes before our meeting?


Your clothes must be washed and cleaned when you give them to me. I can understand that you would choose to dry clean some items after an alteration, but the majority of garments must be properly cleaned before I take them.


will you deliver clothes steamed?


I do not offer to deliver crease-free clothing. I either walk or use public transport to get to my customers so technically this is more difficult.


how can I pay you?


I accept payment by cash or direct bank transfer before or on the day I bring everything back.


are there any additional costs?


If you have arranged a home consultation with me but decided against going forward and giving me the order, I will ask you to pay £20 for my time and expertise.


If I only took up a small order because you agreed to drop it off and collect it from me but later became unable to do so, I will charge extra for item pick-up or delivery.


are your reviews real?


No one directly asks this question but my reviews are genuine and come from my customers. If you consider using my services but you do not trust the reviews, please check out my Instagram page or get in touch if you have any particular questions.


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